Al Bader Co.

Considered as One of the leading lubricants manufacturers  in Syria

Its history goes back to 1984 when it was known as Al Bader trading company .

it was considered as one of the most important suppliers of base oils ,Additives and petrochemicals to the Syrian market.

The next step in developing the company was establishing the blending plant and signings license of agreement with M&M lubricating oil company USA .

M&M provided us with its brand name M&M and the technical support to produce lube oils in Syria according to the latest specification standards in the lubricants world . 

Being an ambitious company means our dreams has no limits, we established long terms business relations with many companies world wide,

We signed many agreements and contracts with the main refineries, suppliers, and producers of chemical additives.

we are now the exclusive agent in the middle east for AZMOL, the prime Ukrainian company, and  the exclusive agent in Syrian territories for ADNOC ,Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, UAE . 

From that point on ,our aim become to move forward greater efficiency ,emphasizing on achieving superior product quality, and supplying the Syrian markets with all its needs of lubricants. 

Our products list includes wide range of lubricants such as : automotive, marine, industrial oils, and other special products.

Which being produced from high quality virgin base oils, and chemical additives, to provide our customers with superior quality products with competitive prices and outstanding after sale services. 

In order to reach our aims, and to create a difference in the market

We consider the followings statements as the institutional values of the company

§  Customers are our partners and we have to support them.

§  Developing  high quality and technological solutions for special customer

                     demands is our priority.

§  Being responsible of the consequences of our products.

§  Accepting the scientific and technical developments as vital for the company.


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